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They are truly living in a different world. Hitler didnt use chemical weapons on his own people, the Bowling Green Massacre justifies a Muslim ban that doesnt target any religion, climate change is a myth, building a border wall will keep out illegals because non Citizens have never heard of the Canadian border, Pacific or Atlantic oceans and Mexicans are the only illegals in the US, slave ships carried immigrants who had a dream, alternative facts prove Trump was correct in stating he had the largest inauguration crowds, Obama golfed too much while day count in office for their respective tenures Trump has golfed 17 times to Obama’s zero, Trump won the popular vote when you remove the millions of illegal votes for Clinton, Obama spent too much on travel expenses while Trump is on pace to spend eight times as much, dropping 59 missiles in Syria is not getting involved in Syria, Trump was spied on because the former National Security Advisor read national security reports, Trump gets over 100 Chinese trademarks just to prove they are taking too many American jobs, the Democrats are obstructionists because they have not confirmed the names of hundreds of appointees that do not exist, closing Planned Parenthood shows nothing but respect for women, Trump had the largest win ratio of the Electoral College in like forever, denying healthcare is why the pro life movement respects all lives, Trump’s hobby of grabbing pussies without consent is just guy stuff fun while consensual sex in the Oval Office degrades national integrity, only Muslims can commit terrorism, draining the swamp means filling a Presidential administration with millionaires who have no experience in their appointments, eliminating meals on wheels will help many Americans to eat, ten Trump campaign employees who visited Russia or spoke to Russians during the campaign does not prove any contact between the Trump campaign and Russia, and the real threat to National Security is the media, not bombing the fuck of out countless children in more countries than Trump branded properties.

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