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This is why my position all along has been Trump’s personal guilt is money laundering as that was his Russian relationship long before the election. After the Primaries he thought he found a way to make even more money but what he did not know is those same players were banking on him becoming POTUS. He had no desire to actually win. He had no idea he would win which is why he kept repeating the election was rigged.

He was set up by Russia the whole way and fear of all the laundering being exposed was his motive to obey Putin. But now, he LOVES being POTUS and is focused on the perks rather than the laundering. He has just been a fucking nightmare for US politics.

Months ago I highlighted the laundering ticked up in June 2016 and happened with a guy named Brad Parscale who co-founded a small online ad firm a few years ago who did some small scale work for the Trump business. By his own account he never studied politics and never ran any type of campaign and the firm had an annual gross income of only $3.5 million dollars. (3.5, not 35). Yet between June and October his firm was paid $100 million by the Trump campaign to run the “digital” and he falsely claimed in November he was the reason Trump won. Now we know where the money came from. This is why his name will be heating up when it comes time for Congressional testimony into Trump-Russia collusion and money laundering.