Trump claims with zero evidence that Susan Rice committed a crime
Kira Lerner

This sort of helped assuage consistent frustration against Trump supporters because many have claimed she broke the law by “unmasking” names of Trump associates. They think “unmasking” is a one word synonym for “illegally leaking classified information to the public” and claim it proves she targeted Trump associates.

It is not to say they are stupid but only an expression of desperation. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for a Trump supporter when that alarm clock buzzes in the morning because it probably feels like being trapped in a satanic groundhog day. They might even pray:

“Please God let the next connection of Trump to Russia just be bank statements instead of his entire top tier policy makers.”

When viewed through layers of desperation it becomes fairly easy to understand why they are behaving the same as police chiefs and DA’s across the country who have to explain why a video of a cop shooting an unarmed African American running away, laying on the ground face up, laying on the ground face down, holding their arms up, holding their hands outside a car window while remaining seated, talking on a cell phone while standing still, sitting at a park bench, or walking down the street after their vehicle breaks down.

There is a video of a clearly unarmed Walter Scott running away from a cop and getting murdered. The video even shows the cop planting a stun gun on the ground next to Scott’s dead body to “legally” justify the shooting. It was shocking to see the cop get arrested. It was not shocking to see his mistrial because 12 people watched that video and some basically said:

“There was no evidence of malicious intent by the cop.”

The foreman even confirmed one juror made it clear he would never vote for conviction but the idiot also claimed race did not play a role. Why? I guess because they werent singing “KKKan we go home?”

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