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Was having trouble understanding which film character he reminds me of and just reading this now it hit: Leo Gets from Lethal Weapon series. Their mannerisms, inability to admit a fuck up, bragging about the times they ripped people off and most accurately, the scenes where Leo was trying to get the lead characters to like him:

“You like me don’tcha! Huh, huh, you know Im the bomb!”

“Let me just tell you, you know what’s important…”

Yep. Getting pics of inauguration on the wall. If he sticks around there is absolutely no doubt he will have people added through photoshop while photoshopping the march and protest one day later.

What kind of sick freak bitches about numbers when the result is a victory. Let’s take his philosophy into the Pats/Steelers AFC game:

“Tom Brady and Bill Belichick revealed today they are not happy with the score of the game and demand a full investigation.”

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