There Is Life After Death, But Not How You Think
Josh O’Connor

We are dead. Everything we witness in the skies and oceans are dead. In our common language there is a popular hysteria around the claim life begins when we are born. Disagree. From the moment of first contact out of the womb we have already begun to die because there is absolutely nothing available for avoiding the liabilities of fragile human bodies. We are not counting up as implied in birthday parties, but only on a count down in the inevitable eviction of our known existence.

Frogs on lily pads hopping in accurate and sometimes goofy forms offer a simplistic peek into existence under the rules we have arbitrarily created and maintained. Just as the frog cannot create lily pads, we cannot create planets and while we can bounce around on earth with new technology, we are no less limited than frogs and lily pads being completely dependent on systems beyond comprehension and surely influence.

Everything we know about our world, from radio signals to galaxies have a single common trait: their function, like the human body is not growing, but only moving towards their own demise.

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