What My Stomach Parasite Taught Me About The Male Gaze
E Sailer Sklar

Who’s the short haired blonde chick with the arm tattoo? (j/k!) Your writing expresses an understanding of cheesy humor.

As a former bartender/server I learned something about the reasons behind the pattern you’ve described and from my experience of talking to a lot of guys on both sides of the bar, one of the explanations is:

They generally have small dicks.

Im not gay or bi so it is an inference but after the same general comments and reactions it was the only consistent conclusion. Why? After working in 4 bars in 3 States over a 4 year period the consistencies were undeniable.

Bars give an atmosphere of verbal freedom generally not seen in other jobs so after the first few times of guys telling me the reason they like skinny/really petite women is because they:

“Like to hurt’ em [during sex]”

My response was basically:

“So you need that feel of compensation?”

They always missed the double entendre but definitely understood the slight poke. It rarely got violent, but always got tense, and they never offered to prove otherwise.

There has always been a swirling of undeniable nausea in realizing the evil of domination does not end with consent. In terms of sex, acting without consent is the ultimate evil for many reasons in many ways, but what we often miss is our culture teaches men that consent is when domination is supposed to begin.

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