A Lack of Political Literacy Is Killing Us
Tamara Pearson

“Without across the board political literacy, democracy is a farse.”

The tricky smack is avoiding equating literacy with understanding and understanding with unity.

“Beyond the US’s dysfunctional electoral system…”

Most people do not know within this corruption even the Electoral College is a farce as Congress can override the final vote and have the House put in someone else already on the EC ticket. (It would have been legally possible to have a President Sanders today if Congress had decided to reject enough EC votes to set up the House to make him the winner.) This has only happened once when Tilden beat Hayes in both the popular election and EC, yet Hayes ended up elected POTUS for the 1876 sham.

While agreeing with the thrust here to me the problem is not necessarily political literacy as it is political accountability. Do we really need that literacy to know that POTUS lying on a daily basis with statements that will lead us into needless wars is probably not a healthy status? Oh wait a minute. We had that long before Trump.

The greatest gift Trump has bestowed is the message of absolutely no accountability in our system and yet we keep missing that screaming siren in lieu of pounding on him which is done mostly because it is easy, provides a false sense of inflated self, and creates a facade of unity in both being for or against him while the system that put him them there grows exponentially stronger. Democracy is in itself a system designed to keep us in the illusion of unity, which provides the screens for the corruption.