Oh I understand it very well, it is you who is turning a blind eye to those trying to insert race…
Louis Weeks

You clearly do not understand how the law works because it is perfectly legal to hold someone for 24–48 hours after a self defense claim on killing someone unless there is clear and convincing evidence, ON THE SCENE proving self defense.

Do you have ANY idea how stupid you sound to claim it was justifiable to send him home even though they had clearly not investigated enough or had enough info to determine immediate justification.

Here is an opportunity to be a stand up guy or continue the Trumpastyle rants:

Show us the evidence police had in their possession at the time they sent him home.

Surely you do not need to look it up. Surely you learned the facts before claiming it was justifiable to send him home.

Last but NOT least, show us where that same police department sent home an African American who killed a Caucasian and claimed self defense on the night of the killing.

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