Dumping Your Digital Clutter

I’m still surprised these days to hear people say that they need/want a huge amount of hard drive space. Cloud storage is so free/cheap these days that I can’t figure why people spend the extra money upfront on disc space?

Now to be fair, I use to do the same thing. I couldn’t imagine only having 16GB of space on my smartphone or 250GB on my laptop. Where would I keep my stuff?! I would happily pay premium pricing to upgrade my gadgets to the top tier of disc space available. After all, it was a smart investment, right?

I’d fill pack my gadgets with nearly every audio book, song, podcast, tv show, or blockbuster film I owned. Proudly and effortlessly carrying around my entire media library so that it was instantly accessible at any given time.

What I eventually realized after years of this practice was ‘any given time’ rarely, if ever, came. If I was honest with myself, I listened to only about 20% of the audio and virtually none of the video. The video usually consumed on my phone was just random YouTube clips I would stream.

I had put hours into meticulously syncing, editing, organizing, categorizing, planning every playlist, album, song title or genre.

But why? I wasn’t using most of what I’d sunk so much time and effort into.

Be honest with yourself and look through your gadgets. Do you access most of that content on a regular basis? If so, good on you. If not, delete it from your device and see how much of that hard drive space you’re putting to use. Could you have saved some cash on that device?

I know I did. I’ve purchased the bare minimum storage option for years now. If I really need access to something, I stream it from my Dropboxor Google Drive, or YouTube accounts.

Due to the immense popularity of streaming services like Google Play,Spotify and Rdio (R.I.P. — Best UI ever!) you’re granted access to virtually ANY media you’re hungry for, and they already come with the correct metadata and album artwork. I went that way for a few years and enjoyed that as well.

However, these days I’ve axed those subscriptions as well for the same reasons, I only accessed certain albums not using the platforms to their full potential. I also heavily audited my digital media to include only the stuff I really love, and I’ve uploaded it for free to Google Play to stream on or download to my devices.

I like my disc space light, and my wallet a bit heavier