When COVID-19 hit universities at the start of 2020, there was a sudden shift to running exams online for students connecting remotely. The “COVID-19 Exam Software Survey 2020”, conducted by ACODE across every public university in Australia and New Zealand, revealed a wide range of technologies used to varying degrees of success.

The response was possible because the necessary technologies were already maturing. Besides their ability to be taken remotely, online exams are appealing because they can be delivered on a large scale without the administrative burden of paper-based exams, and the risk of mixed-up or lost papers that sometimes…

At Grok we don’t just work with schools, we also work with universities. We work closely with our university partners to support their innovative teaching methods within our platform, and collaborate on creating content that makes the most of our technology.

In this article we look back at how we’ve collaborated with Melbourne University in response to the recent COVID-19 crisis.

It seems like a long time ago already, but COVID-19 only became a global issue a few months ago as universities were just starting their first semester of the year. Initially the main issue for Australian universities was that…

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for university course material to be available online. A common use of Grok by university educators is to host programming exercises that students can work through as part of their studies (see https://groklearning.com/universities/ for more information). However, there are plenty of opportunities to provide a more comprehensive and richer online educational experience. …

Bryn Jeffries

Tertiary Product Manager for Grok Learning, helping lecturers to help students to learn better.

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