How to be #TwitterSmarter

Today I took initiative to get involved in the Twitter Chat called #TwitterSmarter. This chat took place this past Thursday at 1PM Eastern. The administrator of the chat is named Madalyn Sklar (@madalynsklar) and the guest star is named Alissa Carpenter (@NotokThatsok).

Alissa Carpenter, according to her website, specializes in the differences between Millennials and older generations while facilitating engagement on social media. Needless to say, she knows a lot about Twitter and how to be #TwitterSmarter.

Madalyn Sklar, on the other hand, is a social media influencer who focuses on Twitter marketing. She not only hosts the chat and podcast #TwitterSmarter, but also spends her time blogging. I consider both of these women huge role-models, and people I look up to as women in modern media.

Throughout the chat, Sklar, the administrator, was the one to direct the questions to the participants.

My participation in the chat provided me a lot of opportunity to network and engage with everyone involved.

  • In fact, I gained around fifteen followers and over fifty overall engagements by the end of it.

The first question was, “Why is Twitter important for establishing relationships to boost your business?”

As a college student trying to make a brand for herself in such an intricate virtual community, this question kick-started this chat on a positive note for me. The answer that resonated with me the most was by the guest speaker, Alissa Carpenter. She says, “People do business with people they know, like and trust. Starting conversations on Twitter can lead to virtual coffee chats and in person meetings. This can help build rapport, trust, and grow your business.” My favorite part about this response was her reference to a coffee shop. When most people think of a coffee shop, they think of the relaxed atmosphere, which is exactly how it should feel when engaging and establishing relationships with your consumers. I tweeted to Alissa Carpenter praising her analogy, and she responded quickly with such ease, which stresses her ability to follow her own advice.

This provided a great segue into the next question which was, “What are some ways to establish rapport with your audience on Twitter?”

I think the best answer to this question was highlighted by Nicole Osbourne, a social media blogger who engaged with me a lot through the chat duration. She emphasized the importance of using video when engaging, as it is the best way to stay authentic and creative with your audience. This connects to the previous question because it emphasizes how easy it is to build trust with your audience- be creative and authentic.

Lastly, one of my favorite questions that was asked in the chat was, “How can Twitter help you identify and address the needs and wants of specific audience segments?”

I was most impressed with the answer I provided to this question. I said, “Use the resources that Twitter provides. As mentioned by @NotOkThatsOk, use Twitter polls! It’s a great way to get analytics through organic content.” Through my social media management class, I learned the importance of organic content, and sometimes it can get you very far without even considering paid promotions. This tweet got a lot of retweets and likes, including retweets from Alissa Carpenter and Madalyn Sklar, A.K.A., the moderators of the chat.

Ultimately, I learned a lot about:

  • engagement
  • authenticity
  • growth

Prior to this chat, I viewed Twitter as simply a way for companies to provide customer support to their consumers when they need it. Although this is an important component, I learned that using Twitter is vital when building relationships, networking and showcasing certain aspects of that said business or company. This chat further defined the concept of “business Twitter,” and showed me how to properly use it if I ever become a social media manager.

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