Drawing at the Table

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The phrase, like a scent, holds many memories. Like parts of a collage they come tumbling together, overlapping and crisscrossing into one large, beautiful piece of art. Drawing at the Table means grey-blue light from winter mornings pouring through the large, kitchen window. It means perforated stacks of printer paper with holed edges. It means Cole was there with me, back before our minds and lives complicated things for us. We drew together there.

The phrase came wandering into my meditation session this morning. I guess it had gotten lost and wanted to be found, at least for a moment. …

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Less than a block from home, a car pulled right then jerked left in front of me. It stopped at the red light ahead, and a female passenger opened the door and started to get out when she was pulled forcefully back in and the door slammed shut next to her. There were some furtive movements, some shoving and pulling. A couple teasing each other, maybe? I reasoned.

The light turned green and I followed the car up the road and to the left near my house. I lost sight of the car just before the hill. As I reached the top of the hill, there in the middle of the suburban intersection was the female, lying on the ground, motionless. The car was stopped next to her with the passenger door wide open. …

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My phone dinged its familiar Marco Polo notification last week. I ignored it. Then it dinged again. I ignored it. Then it sent out a proper gaggle of dings which I could not ignore. This turned out to be a group of my amazing friends playing a rousing game of “What Should Candice Do About Her Neighbors?”

Synopsis: My friend Candice’s neighbors asked her to watch their dog, and, as luck would have it, Candice loves both these neighbors and their dog. Great! …


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