Why Do All These Women Keep Accusing Me of Sexual Harassment?
Sarah Cooper

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Why can’t I find a nice guy?

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a attractive, intelligent modern woman with a successful job in the tech industry in the valley . the prom queen? yeah that was me.

I’m a smart successful woman, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why I can‘t’ find a nice guy?

Sure I slept around in college and still do, and yeah I might have broken a heart or two, but I’m pretty.

I think the most important thing about me is that I’m single and independent. Sure, i treat guys based on my sexual attraction to them,like, for what they look like. I mean, if I find you sexually unattractive…say, a client,co-worker or boss..yuck. i have a right to humiliate you or belittle you at work, how dare you even be near me after all I’m pretty. And stop staring at my ass…the short mini skirt and low cut blouse that is really passive aggressive sexual harassment isn't for you but for brad who has a cubicle at the end of the office, after all hes cute.

I don’t understand why men keep using me though, i mean, after all i do go after men who have no redeeming qualities outside of their looks, body and type. I especially like bad boys, because they show aggressiveness, but for some reason I can’t find a nice guy.

I have a friend bob from work who I use. I mean , he’s over weight and not my type so of course he doesn't find me attractive, hes just a friend . it’s okay for me to treat him as a sub human emotionless eunuch teddy bear. I treat him nice..after all i allow him to treat me to dinner, or when i don't want to be alone I have him come over where I like to tease him like a dog with a steak it’ll never have using my sexuality and body, tell him about how i got used and my sexual fantasies as if he were another girl. Bob’s such a great friend, if only he were sexually attractive…you know, taller with a hot bod,cute…then id date him because he treats me like a queen…but ewwww.

anyway…why can’t i find a nice guy?

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