Case Study — Ted Homer

Second case study from, this time looking at Fine Art landscape photographer Ted Homer:

Graduate from UWE, Ted Homer is a Bristol Based Landscape photographer who explores local and ‘distant’ cities and villages. The images on his website all have a beautifully soft colour to them, and the square cropping to some of the images really heightens the overall composition of the photographs.

Homer is self-employed and receives help with his projects through grants and funding, however he plans on having a more stable business in the future so that he doesn’t have to rely so heavily on funding in order to undergo new projects. Also, due to the fact that he’s self-employed, Homer has the freedom to choose his own working hours (preferably a few hours in the morning and the rest at night depending on weather. ) Personally, I tend to work best at night, as well as in the company of others; I find myself motivated when I’m sat in an environment (and atmosphere) that’s heavy with concentration.

Initially, Homer worked part-time jobs in photo-labs and found himself assisting photographers — obviously assisting is a valuable tool for earning experience, and actively learning whilst studying at university (something Homer recommends; get as much experience as possible within the chosen industry whilst at university.)

Also, Homer found that his degree taught him more than just composing an image — it helped him with sourcing funding, how to promote himself, how to book-keep (keeping records of expenditure and income: i.e funding, work, etc.)

I really enjoy Homer’s work and have since followed him on Instagram in order to keep up to date with his photography and his projects.

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