Going back to the importance of Instagram, I wanted to talk about some of the Instagramers I follow and how they utilise the platform. A majority of the photographers I follow are Bristol based — this creates a source of inspiration for future shoots, allows me to see familiar areas of a familiar city, as well as what’s currently popular within the industry:

  1. Ben Tiley (@bentiley)

Tiley is a 21 year old, Bristol based, photographer. He specialises in land and cityscapes of Bristol. He has 4534 followers and 511 posts. One of the tools he uses is hashtagging in order to reach a wider audience (importance of hashtagging discussed in a previous blog post.) Some of the key aspects of his work are:

  • editing style
  • image content (location within images,
  • image category (i.e landscape, portrait etc.)
  • composition
  • photographic techniques

2. Bristol Doors (@bristoldoors)

An account dedicated to the colourful carpentry of residential and commercial buildings in Bristol. I love the idea of a niché market that spotlights quirky, colourful doors in a highly vibrant city. The images are submitted by other Instagramers and are then featured on the page. Some of the key aspects of the submitted images are:

  • content of images (niché and innovative)
  • composition (a lot of images are taken square on and it gives the page a coherent, uniformed look)
  • editing
  • selection process (one image is chosen each day, thus featuring a new photographer every day)
  • location (spotlighting vibrancy in a familiar environment.)

3. Manuel Estheim (@esthaem)

Estheim is a portrait photographer based in Austria, however his imagery isn’t generic portraiture, in fact his images are highly stylised and emotive and I’m incredibly inspired by his creativity. I discovered Estheim last year whilst researching for one of my modules (based on digital manipulation) and fell in love with his photography. Some of the key aspects of his work are:

  • constructed images
  • emotive and exploratory images
  • portraiture (both self and general portraiture of others)
  • creative and inspirational
  • display of technique

4. Kyle Thompson (@kylejthompson)

Much like Estheim, Thomspon is a stylised portrait photographer based in Oregon, however the colours and skin tones of his images are much softer and a lot of his photographs contain neutral (nature) colours. Again, another display of constructed photography and technical skill. Some of the key aspects of his work are:

  • lighting
  • location and interaction with the surrounding environment
  • constructed
  • narrative
  • display of technique.
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