Self promotion — Business Cards cont.

front view

For my current business card (from Vistaprint), I took a minimalist approach to the design — I wanted the card to look professional and well thought out. I also wanted it to highlight my practice as a portrait photographer (specifically self-portraiture.)

I knew I wanted the card to be monochrome, and I ended up editing the original portrait

back view

image so that the picture faded into the white background of the card, rather than there being a sharp border between photograph and background.

When it came down to picking font, I knew I didn’t want a generic type font for my card, I wanted something that would stand out and catch someone’s eye, but I also wanted the information to be legible so I had to be wary of how creative of a font I chose.

When I ordered my cards from Vistaprint, I ordered around 100 cards and they were delivered within a few days (with complimentary silver card carry case as well.)

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