Using the Internet to Represent Yourself

During a seminar with Oli (after one of our Symposiums), we discussed the importance of the internet and social media platforms with regards to promoting and representing yourself.

(Placing links here for ease of access: @bryonyphotog = instagram = facebook page)


During the seminar, Oli pulled up our instagram accounts (if we had one) and we discussed the relevance of the content with regards to our chosen career paths.

It was noted that it was reassuring to see an abundance of photographic work on my account, however a lot of it wasn’t relevant to my photographic practice as a ‘self portrait photographer.’ However, I also use my account (@bryonyphotog) for any photographs that are taken outside of coursework as I feel this emphasises the idea that I’m always thinking about, and capturing, my surroundings.

I’ve been using Instagram as a platform to promote my practice for about two years, and I quickly came to understand the importance of ‘hashtagging’ in order to reach a larger audience. I found that the most popular hashtags (based on the number of likes on different images) are: #blackandwhite #landscape #sunny #doubleexposure#igersbristol

I also have my own photographic Facebook page that I’ve been running for the past year. I tend to post less there, however the content is strictly photographic and relevant to either coursework, or work outside of the course (whereas I sometimes post drawings/paintings to my Instagram account (which I’m trying to refrain from doing and I have now set up a separate Instagram account for any future doodles.))

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