Continuing from the ‘Internet Representation’ seminar we had with Oli, we discussed websites and how important and beneficial it is to maintain one.

Due to one of the modules at Bristol, it was encouraged that we create a website and update it with current projects and bodies of work. So, although I have a website, I haven’t been the best at keeping it up-to-date (in fact, i’ve barely thought about it since the end of my second year on the course.)

However, during the seminar, Oli highlighted the importance of publishing current work on our sites, rather than old work. He said it would be more beneficial to have one or two current ‘projects’ on the site, rather than five or six different bodies of work from a previous time. It was also suggested to choose three or four of the best images of those projects to publish, rather than twenty, so that the interest of potential employers isn’t lost.

Personally, I think the best time to up-date the site (with current, degree-level work) will be at the end of the academic year — at that point I’ll be looking for work, as well as being able to do day long shoots, and potential Instagram meet-ups in Bristol.

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