101/300: Periodically we have tension build up in our lives that requires a release of some kind. Some people cry; others punch; some find a creative outlet. What is your release?

i like to diversify my outlets. i try to have at least one physical, creative, and social outlet. depending on the type of tension, i’m going to want to do different things.

my physical outlet is usually weightlifting. it’s just so cathartic. you pick up something heavy, you put it down. repeat. repeat. repeat. it’s something i do to relieve tension when i’m angry or frustrated with things that are beyond my control. it’s a way to channel that anger into something productive. plus, it’s fairly mindless. it can feel almost meditative at times. it’s an opportunity for me to expel emotion in a healthy way to disconnect for an hour or so.

my creative outlet is writing. it’s a way for me to talk to myself. it’s a way to relieve tension when i’m feeling confused or introspective. it gets thoughts out of my head and onto the paper in front of me. it lets me see my brain in a new light. i find i get over things quicker when i write them down. it puts them in perspective.

my social outlet is seeing close friends. good conversation with the people i love is a good way to shake loneliness or feelings of isolation. i don’t even need to talk about those things with them, i just need to be around them. i prefer socializing with only one or two people if i’m using it to relieve tension. but that’s just me.

options are important when it comes to stress relief. there are different kinds of emotions, different kinds of tension. it stands to reason that dealing with them can take different forms. i’m sure i’ll discover other methods as i get older, but for now these will do.