43/300: What have you been able to accomplish this year that you are really proud of?

it hasn’t been a year of achievement. it’s been a year of searching for a “career track” job. and searching. and searching. and stopping. and then searching again. it hasn’t panned out yet. i’m year and a bit out from my undergrad, so the search has been the primary focus of 2016.

with that being said, i haven’t been completely stuck. life moves on and i’ve accomplished a thing or two here and there that i’m proud of. a sample:

  1. starting this writing challenge. it’s been thought-provoking, stimulating, difficult, and satisfying. sometimes all of those at once. it’s certainly encouraged and honed my metacognitive abilities.
  2. losing 10 lbs and going to the gym on a more-than-semi-regular basis. i’m the fittest i think i’ve ever been and it feels good to feel healthy. i’ve just got to do more cardio.
  3. i can make a mean mojito, a great negroni, and a pretty decent old fashioned. i couldn’t do that last year. plus, making drinks is a tactile skill and i like that.

i don’t often take the time to reflect on my accomplishments. i’m too absorbed in what i have yet to achieve. i mean, shit, i want to save the world. or whatever. and that hasn’t happened yet. c’est la vie, there’s time left.

writing this list is a chance to block out the future and enjoy the experience of patting myself on the back. feels good, man.