49/300: Look around you and choose an object in the room. Now write something from the point of view of that object.

i’m the most eye catching feature in this place and yet no one pays any mind to me. i dispense a blue, hazy glow to the legions of black-clothed hipsters that stream in to get their coffees or their chia seed granola bowls or their baked goods fix. my sleek, tubular frame is a guardian over their caffeination. i listen into conversations of heartaches and frustration, business deals, and mundane patterings.

occasionally someone will look up. maybe it’s their first time here or they’re just bored, waiting for their lover or friend – or both. they don’t look for long, but sometimes a camera will come out and i’ll make it onto someone’s middling instagram account. sixty-eight likes, woo.

i am a neon sign and i spell out “EARLY BIRD.”

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