58/300: What do you love doing that you wish you could get paid for?

i wish i could get paid to write.

or at least i think i do.

maybe the pressure to produce would ruin the fun, scare away the creativity, lead to stale and lifeless words, prisoners of a page with no hope of escaping into the imagination of a reader.

can getting paid for doing something you love ruin it for you? would it ruin writing for me?i guess the answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes both, sometimes it’s somewhere in between.

but it seems like a genuine concern to have when it comes to creative industries. how many of your favourite musicians produced their best work on their first album? before the hype, the media, the label, the sellout shows.

creativity and money have a long, tortured history, don’t they? somehow money can be the open door that leads to a masterpiece or the poison pill that leads to a downfall.

if i get to choose, i’ll take the former, please. and if i never get paid to write, i’ll keep doing it anyways.

i guess that’s what really matters. the best artists don’t waste their time wishing to get paid for their work, they just make more art.

because good art speaks volumes and great art is loud enough for everyone to hear.

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