60/300: When have you experienced “heaven on earth?”

there’s a little town in the Okanagan in the interior of British Columbia.


it’s on the quiet side of the lake so it’s all beaches and weeping willows rather than crowds of people. the kind of town that doesn’t have traffic lights. you can walk to wherever you need to go but somehow you never feel like you need to go anywhere. you just let the days take you where they will.

i seem to always wake up early when i’m in Naramata. it’s like the place doesn’t want me to miss any of the day and thank goodness for that. warm light lifts dew off the grass and reveals tiny cherry orchards, community gardens, and the surrounding wine country. sandy hills climb up and away from the town, protective and serene.

the days are always so bright. perhaps it’s the reflection of the sun on the water but i get the feeling that the light doesn’t just come from above. the town itself emanates a kind of warmth, a soft glow that holds you there. safe. welcome. happy.

at night the stars fill the entire sky. it’s one of those place where shooting stars are a regular occurrence. sometimes you’ll get to watch a thunderstorm on the other side of the valley. no noise, just visuals. flashes of lighting fill the clouds, illuminating their bulbous bodies heavy and filled with moisture.

Naramata is a town where you feel compelled to eat ice cream every single day.

every time i’ve been there i’ve experienced heaven on earth because for me, it is heaven on earth. and maybe that’s the reality of heaven. it’s not a place in the clouds or off on the other side of the universe. it’s not some ephemeral plane that’s only accessible by our immortal souls. it isn’t a place built on the murky concepts of good and evil or some sort of nebulous tally of our morality.

no, heaven is earth. and vice versa. the grandeur, the magnificence, and the beauty that our world offers makes that clear to me. perhaps the best part is that everyone can experience heaven on different parts of this planet. for me it’s Naramata. and the Yukon. but i’ve felt it while travelling, while camping, and while in the middle of a city by the lake home to four million people.

the opportunity to have that experience is omnipresent but of course we don’t feel it all the time. for me, going to that little town in the Okanagan is a way for me to create that connection. a place to have a full heart and a peaceful mind.

heaven on earth.

i can’t end this without mentioning the people i’ve met in Naramata. if it really is heaven, then they’re the angels, every single one.