76/300: What is your favourite holiday ornament or decoration? What makes it so special to you?

without a doubt it’s the Christmas tree. specifically, the one that goes up every year in my family’s living room. it’s usually my brother and i (and maybe a parent and/or friend and/or relative) who go out into the yard to find the perfect piece of foliage for ornament hanging. after a lot of swearing and a little bit of effort we always manage to get the thing into the living room and upright so that it can dry off. it’s around this time that we’ll notice that our trek through the forest has removed approximately 35% of the best branches. arguments ensue about how to best orient the tree in the room to hide its multitude of bald spots.

eventually we get it sorted and its true “Charlie Brown-ness” is revealed. Yukon trees are spindly fuckers at best, and we somehow manage to find the most ragged, sad-looking stick in the whole forest. everyone who visits can’t resist a comment or two about how we’ve “done it again” with our sad little tree.

there’s a decent chance the whole thing will fall down at some point. the trees are always bizarrely top-heavy and it’s happened three or four different times. many of our ornaments bear the scars of these tragic topplings. we’ve learned to secure the top of the tree to the wall via a piece of rope — it’s not an elegant solution but it gets the job done.

and you know what? i wouldn’t have it any other way.

because once the lights go up and the decorations go on, that skinny bastard just glows with holiday spirit. our trees are always so wonderfully unique and somehow all the flaws melt away with a little love and affection.

and tinsel. so much tinsel.

now that it’s December and i can officially start to celebrate the holiday season, i am itching to get home and venture into the woods to find this year’s masterpiece (or monstrosity).

happy holidays, folks.