83/300: Describe (in a creative way) how you feel when you have a head cold.

“hey head, this is cold. look, i’ve got some new. i’m moving in for a few days. or maybe, like, three weeks. i don’t know. anyways, now that i’m here, do you mind if i do a little redecorating? hmm…let’s see…i understand the feng shui look you’re going for here — very minimalist — but i thiiiiink i’m just going to go into the throat and line it with some sand paper. and maybe over here in the nasal cavity i’ll just coat everything in snot. oops, almost forgot the mucus. i’ll just sort of put that everywhere.”

“yep, this looks great. much better. now in terms of what you can expect during my stay…well, i’m wildly inconsistent, but i can promise that every morning you won’t quite feel good enough to want to go to work but not quite bad enough to actually call in sick. other than that…sniffles, sneezes, and headaches will be visiting quite regularly. i might even throw a big party and invite all three over at once. you don’t mind, do you? great.”

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