83/300: Think back to your childhood. Write about an article of clothing or an outfit you remember one of your parents (or another influential adult figure) wearing.

I’m pretty sure this is what the tie was based on. Yes, there are dragons on the tie, too.

my grandpa had the most spectacular tie. i still find it strange because in general, he was a fairly subdued guy when it came to fashion. he usually wore a typical old-white-guy, “grandfatherly” type outfit — think loafers, slacks, and a dark-coloured sweater. his dress clothes resided in a similar realm. to be honest, he was a fairly subdued guy in general. he was a quiet, sweet, gentle man, quite content to sit with his coffee and a scone. sometimes he’d read the paper but sometimes he would just sit there, tapping his feet, staring into space. thinking. i always found him to be soft-spoken both verbally and emotionally.

but this tie. my god. it’s spectacular. the print is supposedly matched to a piece of furniture in Buckingham Palace and it is a monstrosity. pinks, greens, and yellows swirl together on a black background, forming a pattern vaguely reminiscent of paisley if paisley took ayahuasca and went on a spirit quest. all of the colours are almost (but not quite) pastel which is just…tragic. it’s an unholy miasma of shapes and shades gone completely awry.

and yet…somehow it suited him perfectly. because there was another side to the old fella. a sense of humour, a playfulness. i don’t feel like i ever really got to see that side of him. but the tie, i think, was a nod to his adventurous side. his youth, perhaps. it was a reminder that there was more going on behind that wrinkled brow than initially met the eyes. i wish i knew more about that side of him. i never really got to experience it.

he’s gone now and i miss him.

but look out.

now i’ve got the tie.