92/300: You have two hours to do something relaxing and a budget of $100. What will you do?

i think i would go for a float. i’ve done it before but i think i’d be more prepared the second time ‘round. it’s an odd experience, especially at first. i’m a tall guy so just clambering into the sensory deprivation tank was a bit of an adventure. once i got in there, i had a bit of a time getting myself oriented. i couldn’t really get comfortable, i felt like my head kept trying to sink. my neck was straining. i got out, grabbed a floating head rest. re-clambered. tried to get settled. proceeded to get saltwater in my eye.

this is not normal saltwater. it’s a little tiny tank filled with 900 lbs of epsom salts. it felt like i had lit a ghost pepper on fire and smeared it across my eyeball. word of advice to first-time floaters: do not, under any circumstances, get the water in your eye. needless to say, the experience dampened the relaxation component of the float. by the time i did get settled, i ended up falling asleep.

all of this is to say that i would love to try it again. i know what to expect. i want to disconnect my brain, let all my muscles relax. be in a place of peace, a place of comfort. no obligation to think, to move. true relaxation. i think it’s important to force myself to relax from time to time. it might sound like an oxymoron: forced relaxation. but i think scheduling the time allows me to use it intentionally. to get the most out of it.

if i had two hours and $100, i’d go for a float. and i’d probably use the last bit of money to get some ice cream or something. or a beer. that’s relaxing, too.