giving thanks

this holiday can be a tough one sometimes. the comfort and closeness of family and traditions are three thousand kilometres away from me. and that sucks. i don’t get to see my aged dog or my mom and dad. i don’t get the tail-end of a northern fall that started in august and has almost finished making room for winter. there’s no little house in the woods, no puff of woodsmoke from the chimney, no serene silence from that indomitable northern landscape.

i don’t get to be home. and that’s hard.


i had a couple of friends here in Ontario reach out to me just to make sure i had a place to go for dinner this weekend. and to be welcomed is the most beautiful of sensations. it’s an embrace of thoughts and feelings rather than arms. it’s nourishment for the aching heart and the homesick mind.

to be welcoming is to be both simple and selfless and i’m so thankful for the ones that made that gesture.

i’m thankful for you.

and in a broader sense i’m thankful for all the outward expressions of kindness that people provide me. i don’t always appreciate them in the moment. or even later on. but this thanksgiving weekend has drawn my attention to the actions that people direct my way on a day-to-day basis that indicate how they feel about me.

i’m really just trying to say that i’m thankful for the depth of love and thoughtfulness that i get to experience from the people around me. and i don’t say that to them enough.

so, people in my life, thanks for the hugs. and the silly snapchats. and the out-of-the-blue texts. they might not feel like important gestures but they show me that you’re thinking about me. that’s pretty special. i’m thankful for all my new friends and all my childhood ones. i’m thankful for lamb, turkey, and ham, all of which can make for the perfect thanksgiving meal. i’m thankful for just the right amount of wine and way too much dessert. today in particular i’m thankful for logic and rationality, this city’s baseball team, and really good cheese plates.

here’s my thanks. it’s from the heart and i write it all with joy and appreciation for the bits and pieces of my life that bring me such happiness. may you all give thanks and receive love this weekend.


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