110/300: What do you have to do today that you really would rather not do?

apply for jobs. it’s a miserable experience. there’s almost no satisfaction derived from the application process other than actually submitting the damn thing. and that’s only because you’ve finally finished it. you squeeze your experiences into a one-to-two page résumé. you feign excitement about random tasks or companies you’ve never heard of until now. you double check that you have what you think are the right key words in your cover letter so as to not get weeded out by a computer program. you never find out if you did or not.

it would be a more enjoyable process if there was actually a rejection component. instead, you wait for weeks without hearing anything. months. there’s no specific time where you can be sure you’re not getting an interview. i mean hey, sometimes companies take a long time to do their hiring, right? right? …right?


but i guess it has to be done. sort of. i mean, most people just get jobs through word of mouth, connections, or because they know someone at the company. so…is it worth it? i don’t know. but i suppose i should get to it.