Step One: Find Your Outlet

I’m not very good at expressing myself verbally, but once it comes to written word, my true intentions and thoughts become clear. I think it’s important to find an outlet which allows you to express yourself without restraint, to let your creativity flow and to allow you to do what you were born to do: which is to create.

We spend so much of our life simply absorbing information, staring at one screen or another, going through life as if all we were meant to do is to work and work harder, especially here in America. But that’s the catch, life is not about working mindlessly for an unobtainable future, life is about living: living, loving, creating, experiencing, and connecting.

You hear these words constantly, but it’s time to act upon them and to live a life worth living, it all starts by discovering what you’re passionate about. Do you want to try learning a new skill but you simply don’t have the time? Make time. Making time to try something you’re interested in is a priority over continuously doing something that brings you stress and unhappiness.