Full front(page) assault

This morning Canadians woke up to the front page of their Post Media and Sun News newspapers stolen.

The paper was still there but what filled it was incredible.

Using the colour and logos of Elections Canada signage, the Conservatives have bought full page wraps in a, somewhat desperate and definitely cynical, push for more votes.

The ad mimics the widely used colours of the neutral voting agency and the goal looks to be to potentially confuse a segment of the populace not paying attention. The ad doesn’t seem like it’s targetted at the people who would turn the page to continue reading, but to sit in newsstands and create a link in a disinterested passer-by’s mind.

Many Postmedia and Sun Media papers seemed to have the ad targetting the Liberals. Other papers included references to the NDP.

There are definite rules against political groups from interfering with voting and information at a polling stations, but it does not appear there are not repercussions with use of Elections Canada materials in advertisements.