George Grant thinks that the logic and dominance of liberalism are taking technology to a new and disturbing place. This essay will first define the terms of liberalism as opined by Grant. Subsequently, it will explicate Grant’s views on liberalism and technology. Finally, it will consider the implications of Grant’s theories, finding commonalities in the modern technology discourse forwarded by Microsoft Research’s Jaron Lanier, as it relates to practical globalizing, instrumental reason, and virtual reality.

In basic liberalism, the crucial practices are those that ensure government by consent of the governed and the protection by law of the rights of…

With new well-meaning “break the box” [referring to the box that requires a job applicant to indicate their criminal status] laws being put in place to open up the hiring market to more people, companies are now increasingly looking for new ways to filter out and differentiate applicants for jobs. They are using new technologies in an attempt to remove bias, such as this one that modulates a person’s voice to remove an indication of sex, and are ramping up normal requirements to cut down applicant numbers. …

Brytan Mendes

Student at @McGillU. Future (hopeful) @medialab student.

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