Don’t give in

You may feel worthless or broken because of the bad things that you’re feeling. You feel that everything is conspiring against you. That the world wants you to leave and never return because of everything that you’re experiencing. But the truth is, the world and everything around it is interconnected spiritually. Without one, the world will be different. You are important as the rays of the sun that gives life on Earth. From the soil of the Earth to the deepest parts of the sea, your worth can be seen. Without you, the things around you will be different. Especially the closest around your circle. If you were not around, you may never have encouraged them in something that they are scared to try, you may never have loved them to give them strength to fight every day. And you may never have given them the life that they are seeking. Wake up and see that you are important in the universe. For without “u”, the universe is just “niverse”.

The world will never commit a mistake. Everything is happening the way the world wants it to be. Those “mistakes” are only the things our minds can identify. Because we never see the lessons we learn until we find something better. We fail to see that the “bad” things in life are those things that one day will benefit us. For when scars, we learn. And when we learn, we grow stronger.

Take your time to revamp and everyone will see what’s your true worth. And for that time I will wait and wait until you finally find yourself.

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