Own your screw-ups.

Sketchnote from Sam Piggott’s talk ‘How I caused over 10.000 app crashes and somehow managed to still keep my job’ , at Creative Mornings London.

Sam studied film and camera operation for three years before realising he’d made a terrible mistake, and was far more interested in developing websites and apps. With little experience (but enough cash for a month’s rent in the city), he moved to London to embark on a freelance app development career.
Shortly afterwards, he found himself with the overwhelming role of managing the iOS development for London startup Dojo, an app focused on finding the best stuff to see and do in the city.
Since then, he has co-founded Combo, a digital product studio, alongside Jamie Shoard, fellow Dojo alumni. Their mission is to accelerate startups from zero to one as quickly as possible (kind of like a product accelerator), working out of the legendary ustwo’s studios in Shoreditch.

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