Designer and wannabe flyer —
Emily Kame Kngwarreye 787–9 after a delivery flight to Alice Springs; Photo by Qantas

The role of an airline as a promotor of traditional values and national legacy

Traditional values have always been a matter of pride and self-determination. People are proud of their heritage and that is always a good asset to promote around the world through one of the most exposed subjects that a country can provide — an airline company.

In many cases legacy carriers…

No-frills carriers have become valuable prospects for the legacy carriers and could possibly become future partners

Legacy carriers used to roam the airspace and their existence was solid. Air travel was mostly an expression of luxury and vanity. But those times rapidly changed as the service grew, lowering airfares which enabled more travellers to use airlines to reach their destinations.

Most of those carrier’s operations were…

A brief history of the MD-11, a jetliner that geeks loved, companies loathed and pilots feared

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (photo by KLM)

On Sunday of 26 October, 2014, landing gear of KLM’s MD-11 on flight 672 from Montreal touched down at Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) and rolled into the history. It was the last commercial flight for McDonnell Douglas MD-11, the last trijet in airline service. It’s a weird feeling thinking of the airplane…

Flying long distances is not a sole privilege of legacy carriers any more — low-cost providers are entering the game with a bang

Image by Juraj Patekar

Airbus chiefs must be scratching their heads lately as their glorious A380 project seems to stall. In times when introduced they competed with rival Boeing for a jumbo-craft domination. As Boeing was already in the game with B747, Airbus proclaimed their contender: A380. It was glorious. They even changed commonly…

A little personal story about GUIs and smileys

I remember the time when Windows 95 was about to come out. It was incredible time as I was just another PC user with boring old DOS on my hard drive and even more boring Windows 3.1 — as an extension I guess. No “proper” operating system... with some nice…

Branko Šabarić

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