Deadlines = Sleepless nights! But Deadlines = complete assignments??

This is probably one of the nights when I am going to stay up late at night to complete my assignments. With the mission of writing full ten pages on the topic I have no idea about, I get ready not to sleep tonight. I just had light dinner today as you know full stomach and lazy body is correlated. It’s already 8 pm and there is not a single word in my document. Sometimes, I wonder why did I ever decided to study business?? This is not right time to think about it. In fact, it is time to stop thinking about useless and meaningless things and start writing.


Where is my phone? I have not checked my phone in last five minutes. The phone definitely likes to play hide and seek with me. This is the third time I search the phone today. I had it with me when I went to the gym and while I was in the kitchen. Oh! I remember, I left it to charge..

Have you ever gotten too excited about the notifications on your phone and realize that most of them have nothing to do with you? But to check out the news update on the Facebook, I scroll down the homepage only to get the pictures of my family and friends having so much fun back in my country. Why did I even open my Facebook account? I feel so helpless. I want to scream and cry because I miss these people so much. I don’t like Facebook and I don’t like people posting those beautiful photos of those amazing places. Especially I get so annoyed when they post photos of delicious mo:mos; I am hungry now! Perhaps I should go to the market tomorrow and buy stuff to make mo:mos. I finish scrolling down the updates in Facebook but wait I haven’t checked my LINE and Instagram yet.

Ever since I joined the LINE group, there are always notifications every minute. People share each and every detail of their life here which is good but sometimes it is annoying. I don’t want to know what they are eating, or are they having fun or getting bored unless they really are close friends. Seriously, people should check who else are in the group before pressing that send button.

Moving into my Instagram, I find the picture of my best friend. She has become so thin and she is looking so beautiful in that purple dress but who is the boy with her? Is he her boyfriend? OMG! If yes, then why hasn’t she shared anything with me? Am I not her best friend anymore? Is this because I am in another country? I have to talk with her right now!

Phone call lasts for around 1 hour.

I feel so good after talking with her. So, he is not her boyfriend. In fact she said he is already married, what a waste!

Now I am hungry. I remember I have noodles.

I can eat noodles watching “Friends”, a popular TV show ( This is the fourth time repeating all season all over again).

10 pm : Oh crap!The deadline is tomorrow. What am I doing? Stop watching “Friends”. But this is so funny. Ross is getting married again. So what? He will also get divorced again. Oh yes! I know that!

No more Facebook, Instagram, Line, and “Friends”. May be I should turn off the internet but if I turn off the internet how am I going to do the assignments! Stupid!

No more distractions! I really have to get started with my assignments.

2 am : Good luck to me!

Keep fighting! SU SU!!!