Heartburn no more Edition

For breakfast

Try 60 grams of protein powder, fish oil, multivitamin, turmeric capsules, psyllium husk pills (no added sugar in pill form), and mastic gum.

Todo Daily

Enjoy lots of raw fruits and veggies throughout the day. My favorites include apples, grapes, pears and plums. I make sure to eat fresh carrots whole, washed thoroughly, cucumbers, mini peppers and cherry tomatoes. Easy to eat stuff, with no prep required. Just wash and eat. It might be a good idea to have fermented foods as well, like fermented cabbage.


Foods you’ve discovered to be triggers of heartburn. This is different for everyone. I’ve been able to drink coffee (early in the day, not at night!) after switching up my diet, which is a huge trigger for many. But I have to avoid spicy deep fried potato chips, and try to avoid processed foods and carbs, like bread, cookies, and other sweets. Another good diea is to not eat too late.

YMMV, but it works for me!

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