Why Ghana?

Why am I in Ghana? That is the first question people generally ask me. Even the Ghanaians I meet are often wondering — how sad!

I too could start to believe I am crazy — if I wasn’t reminded, every single day, of the reasons why I decided to come and launch a tech company here:

First, the market is good: mobile penetration is huge (116%), 60% of the people use mobile Internet, and half of the country is covered in 3G. Ghana is part of the “KINGs”: Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana: the most tech-savvy countries on the continent. Actually, the country is so stable and so safe that western media rarely mention it!

But there’s more: you should see Accra. The capital city is like a massive sandbox, a vibrant multi-cultural, multi-confessional city, where everybody seems to be continuously trying something new. Here, they make bikes out of bamboo; there, they use blockchain technology to solve land ownership conflicts — and so many more examples!

It is an endless megalopolis, in permanent construction, that connects its communities with one of the best transportation systems in the World; and its entrepreneur-friendly environment ranked it amongst the best cities in Africa for tech startups.

Of course, there’s a lot of progress to be made, in a lot of areas — but, coming from Europe, this is actually something I learn a lot from. People here make stuff, and they never look at what they need for that, they just do it. There is this universal spirit of entrepreneurship that makes umbrellas available at every single red light of the city as soon as it rains.

This inspires me everyday. Businessmen here are not looking for the next big thing, they are not trying to be the next Elon Musk. They just spontaneously solve a problem, which is the essence of business. Disruption here is not a thing, we do not need it — because at every level of the society people are already thinking outside the box.

Adrien Bouillot
Founder & CEO of Chalkboard Education

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