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I agree with what you are saying, however I can’t bring myself to trust anything that this new President says. He’s all over the place with who he likes this time around, just like he will be again, and again.

There is something extremely wrong with this individual that needs careful scrutiny. He is unstable, and I feel he is very dangerous for our Country. The rest of the civilized world is worried about him as well.

He now wants to work with the Democrates on Health Care, and this is right after he was willing to except the new Health Care Plan proposed by the Republican House. He’s really someone who only wants a win, and a win no matter what the outcome.

If the Democrats think they can work with him to fix the ACA without repel they are deeply mistaken. He will stick it to them just like he know wants to stick it to the rest of his party. He can’t be trusted.

Democrats!! Don’t fall for his tactics. Your not professional Psychologists who can deal with someone like him. Even a practicing Psychologist would have their hands full with someone who is entrenched and as old as he is know. He can’t changed. He is what he is. He has an ego that needs feed, and there is not enough self emportance, self worth in the world to fill that empty void.


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