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If I were a Republican running for office, I would say to my base, “Birth doesn’t begin at conception. Birth begins during the period of time proceeding the particular event, or more specifically just prior to penitration.

This clearly puts the responsibility of any birth where it belongs, out of the hands of politicians, and directly between the two parties involved in the act of conception.

But unfortunately the Republican Party doesn’t see it that way. The Republican Party has this need to involve themselves in not only their own personal lives, but everyone else's as well. Case in Point. The Terri Schiavo Case. A must read. Here you will see how disastrous it was for the Republican party to interject themselves in someones private life, and they still haven’t learned their lessons.

Its really a moral issue, not a political one and should be handled by the church, who has no legal jurisdiction only a moral one.

Remember what the framers put in our constitution. The seperation of Church and State. The framers didn’t want the government interfering with private citizens over person family issues.

The only political party that has a problem with the “Church and State” issues is the Republican Party. I’m sure they would like to have it stricken from the constitution.


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