Pence says Obamacare ‘failed’ Kentucky, where 500,000 gained insurance through the law
Lindsay Gibbs

The idea of getting the Democrates involved in the Senate to change and approve this new health care bill is proposerous.

The Republican’s have never wanted to help the Democrtates with health care when Obama used Repulicans ideas for passage of the ACA.

Now I hear the Senator of Ohio on MSNBC Sunday morning blame the Democrates for not wanting to help with this new bill. Shame on hime. The Republican’s never wanted a new health care bill or would even help the Democrates with crafting the ACA-Obama Care. He has a lot of nerve. What goes around, comes around.

The Democrate’s need to let what ever the Repubican’s bring to the Senate pass of fail, and not assist them. The base of the Republican party will get what they desirve, no health care. Maybe the next time they vote they will be more informed, and vote their interests instead of listening to the right and their blantant hatred for Obama. That is really what this is all about. The Republicans want to abolish Obama because it was a promise to their base, and not an interest in health care in general. They also hate this President because he is black and that is a fact. I have family members who are Repubicans and have hated him ever since he was elected, so I’m not convinced it because Obama care has been a bad idea.

What we should have had is single payer in the first place. Lets take profits out of health card. People forget what happened several year ago when United Health Care denied coverage to Cancer patients when it became expensive for their treatments. It was a big deal. They kicked them off insurance coverage because it got to expensive to cover them anymore. Profits were more important to them than paying expensive hospital bills.

A lot of people left United Care because of what they were doing to the poor patience that needed care. Let not forget. Lets stop this madness. Lets not support the Republican’s in the Senate. This President just wants a win, because he politically needs it. Lets let this new health care bill fail.

Sorry Republican’s, if you can not work with the Democrats why should we trust you know. Because we have a President who really cares. NOT….

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