The Threat to Science No One Talks About
Joe Brewer

What do you do when your vehicle gets stuck in the mud? You get out and push..You don’t expect the driver, and his front seat passenger do get out and do all the work, you ask everyone in the vehicle to get out and help.

We currently have an administration in office now that is sticking their heads in the sand, and ignoring all the science. All for their bottom line. Its not that they don’t know what is going on. They know very well. They like what is happing because it is making them extremely wealthy.

Its going to take everyone of us to do what we can on our own. There not going to help us. This means getting down to basics.

…Dont put your money in the bank where corporations can get to it and use it to continue their greed for more. Take most of it out and keep it at home. Leave just enough money in to keep the accounts open.

Remember when you use to get a paycheck, and you had to walk into the bank to deposit it. I do. It was nice to see your teller on fridays. The bank had more jobs for tellers to accommodate us, now they have automatic payroll deposits.

The banks have finally got us where they want us. They have our money like imediately. Did they give us a break on doing this. Some did at first, but no longer. They did this intentionally. Now the banks are limiting all of us on how many withdrawls we can take out of our own accounts, and charge us a fee for when we go over the amount of withdrawls. It use to be if you went over the amount of money you had in your account you got a fee. Now that most of us are trying to make sure we have enough in our accounts to pay are bills, they are no longer making as much as they were before, so they raised the fee to make up for it. We can’t win…What the hell is that all about. GREED is what it is about. They no longer loan money the old fashioned way, they fee us to death by taking our money from us, and offer no fair interest on our savings.

…Don’t pay your bills through bill pay, because all your doing is supporting corporations goals to have your money now, where they can accumualate a large amount of $$$ (cash) billions, and trillions of our money to do what they do best. Fee us to death. This helps them to continue their systimatic attack on the us and the environment.

…Don’t purchase or spend your money on new vehicles with old technology.

…Don’t use automatic withdrawl to pay your bills, utilities, mortgage, auto insurance, health insurances. Stop this proceess . End it all. Make them bill you again. This will stop them from collecting large amounts of cash all at once. Make them get our money in trickle amounts. They won’t have billions or trillions of cash on hand all at once.

Each month you let them take your money on time you are in essence giving them the power to continue this systematic rape of our environment. They expect it to continue, so you have to show them you have the power to limit what they do with all this cash. The power to interrupt, the power to stop them at their tracts.

If you really want to send a signal of your disapproval, stop a few month of insurance payments, and see what happens.

Again its all about the vehicle were in. We all have to get out and push.

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