Cartier, may we meet again

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Since our last meeting, things have changed a little bit for me. I am not in Paris any more; I have moved to Raleigh in order to study global luxury management at NC State Poole School of Management. I just heard that you were going to reopen your Fifth Avenue flagship next month. I’m glad that you were able to successfully finish this specific project. I know what it means to you.

I wanted to thank you for having always been the same during all this years.
Despite temptations, you have never deviated from your road, even on social media. I saw that you created an account on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr (seriously??). Above all, you’re exactly as I remembered: elegant, passionate and professional.

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What is so special about you? 
I like the fact that you use different contents for each media and how you show your secrets. Through social media, I can really follow you and learn more, every day, about you. Each social media is used for a particular reason:

· Facebook (3,8 M followers): brand promotion thanks to video and product diaporama.
· Instagram (3,5 M followers): Lifestyle, product and model oriented.
· Twitter (352 K followers): hot news and corporate event
· You tube (83,4K followers): promoting video
· Pinterest (17,4 K followers): product and manufacture oriented· Snapchat: backstage.

Unlike some wine brands, each time you decided to be one on media, you had a specific strategy in mind. It’s great because each network is complementary and answers a different need. The only thing I could reproach you is being too focus on your strategy. You should communicate more with your fans and answer their comment. On Facebook, for example, on each post you have something like 5–6 comments. To create proximity, you would just have to answer these comments or liked them. It’s just simple as that.

Over the years, I met some girls. To be honest with you, some seemed to be made for me. But when I looked closely, I realized I was wrong. The last one was called Tiffany.

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US native, she seemed to be better than you in every way. More present on social media, more dynamic, more popular with the young people and more approachable: she had all the qualities to please me.
But I could not stop thinking about you. The road we have traveled together, our Odyssey, the price we won. I remembered that what made ​​you so unique is not only your name or history but how you communicate with others.

On the market, you are really unique and I wanted to tell you. I hope to see you soon during my New York trip.

A kiss from your old lover,

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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