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  • Leonardo Quevedo

    Leonardo Quevedo

    Leonardo Quevedo. Software Engineer @trinca137. Taurino. Open Source Developer. Músico. Maker. Leio porque me ajuda a entender, escrevo pelo mesmo motivo.

  • Raja Sekar

    Raja Sekar

    Deep Learning practitioner, Distributed Systems enthusiast and a newbie entrepreneur

  • Karuna Sehgal

    Karuna Sehgal

    Woman on a mission - to live the best life possible!!

  • James Whittaker

    James Whittaker

    xFBI, xGOOG, xMSFT, speaker, writer, career guru. Chaotic good.

  • Mandy Sidana

    Mandy Sidana

    Senior PM @Sonatype, Founding Team@Botsfolio.com — A digital nomad experienced in AI first products, HRTech & Blockchain. Startup consultant.

  • Alessia Marcolini

    Alessia Marcolini

    ICT student at University of Trento — Junior Research Assistant @mpbalab @FBKcom #deeplearning — @pyconit organizer — @djangogirls coach

  • Jonathan Fulton

    Jonathan Fulton

    Architect at ID.me. Formerly SVP Product & Engineering at Storyblocks, McKinsey consultant, software engineer at APT. Catholic, husband, father of three.

  • Hanneli Tavante

    Hanneli Tavante

    Software developer, Engineer, Programming Languages, electronics, Science, Maths, bookahoolic, tech, Pokémon, Lego, animals, coffee drinker.

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