INDEX token is basically share at the Index fund and buying token you will be immediately exposed to crypto market by 30 underlying assets. 90% of assets will be in cold storage and rest will be on hot wallets so we can perform re-balancing or hedging for better performance of the fund. We set minimalist approach to our fund strategy. Market is complex think even without complicated strategies or additional emotional attachment to projects. Our goal is keep things simple but effective and profitable as much as possible.

Why creating token?
Easier access to market exposure for general public. Buying just one token and no need to managing multiple wallets and exchange accounts. Index investing is statistically much more successful than active trading.
A lot of people asked me which coins they should buy, there was no easy answer to this if you are new to this environment or don’t have a lot of free time for do research, until now. …



Crypto index fund with 30 underling assets. Easy exposure to crypto market through INDEX token.

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