Early Return of Dependents

Unsettled — 
Such a beautiful experiment...

"I will hurt you until you need me"

The women learned quick
Sister, because we were closer in age
Their scars are only itching now

Unsettled — 
What a sound experiment...

"There are no voices, really"

Semern efit ~ grivaskic eskerefits

As I lie here, dreaming of soft trips to the mountains, and villages of no one, the attractive men outside are stealing all my women. I wasn’t even given one last, long look.

Homeless Betty in between my legs.

Unsettled — 
It’s a fair experiment…

"I won’t live to see myself better"


Ratafat amaatski ~ vruscamae brisfek travanofa…

…the childless red-winged blackbird can still watch over his companion. And, that’s a start.

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