Cartooning is writting
Rocket Worley

I believe there is something to be said about firsts. The innocence of it. The rawness. The immediate interpretation of influence. But developing something isn’t bad either. When I think about things like this I almost always first think about The Beatles. They did a lot of firsts. They were also genius at developing something further. But I think it was John Lennon who once said something like, and I’m paraphrasing here, the world, once the band became famous, didn’t get to see them at their best. He said when they played the small clubs and Hamburg that’s when they were at their best. In a way fame (developing) ruined them. Maybe. Maybe not. They are still my favorite band of all time. I love their raw firsts. But I also love their developed material. In my opinion, anything after thought is all just a semblance of the original. So, I don’t think John should have been too down on the band for “developing.” And, you don’t need to worry too much about which drawing is better. Just my two cents.

By the way, the keep on truckin’ drawing you have, I think that means that no matter what is trying to push you back the opposite way you need to keep moving forward. Again, my two cents. Thank you for letting me ramble. I would love your thoughts on these matters. Be well.

I love the cartoon, by the way.

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