Stand up!



Be a weak man.

Be a driven woman.

Be a knowing entity.

Be a closet homosexual at church.

Be a weak woman.

Be a tyrant.

Be a proud homosexual grandfather.

Be an I.T. professional with a foot fetish.

Be angry on your deathbed.

Be a dreamer without purpose.

Be a comfort for someone with anorexia.

Be judgemental at an aquarium.

Be at peace in nature.

Be a boy with a pennant collection.

Be a girl who doesn’t like shredded coconut.

Be a mother who hides her cuts.

Be a father who hides his cuts.

Be a self-deafting monogamist.

Be an outspoken polyamorist.

Be a parent without children.

Be a mother who is proud of her third abortion.

Be love.

Be hate.

Be envy.

Be money-hungry.

Be poor.

Be poor.

Be poor.

Be wealthy.

Be comfortable.

Be uncomfortable.

Be a plumber who enjoys dancing under duress.

Be a man sure of your ignorance.

Be a woman sure of his ignorance.

Be a better person.

Be a worse person.

Be a man who talks to no one but his foyer.

Be a woman who likes women who like men who like men.

Be a pleasure.

Be a conundrum.

Be wasteful.

Be very wasteful.

Be a chair for the elderly.

Be an ear for the elderly.

Be an arm for the elderly.

Be quiet when they die.

Be proud.

Be worried.

Be late.

Be very late.

Be very early.

Be remembered but not understood.

Be the opposite.

Be the opposite.

Be a singer, terribly.

Be a man who can’t stand not knowing what he wants out of life.

Be a man who loves that.

Be a woman who built her own home from money she invested in her own start-up that made her a millionaire and who now travels the world giving back to less fortunate people.

Be a woman who has a stroke in her bathtub surrounded by all her money.

Be a man who is unapologetic about opening doors for other men and not women.

Be a heterosexual man who is single.

Be time.

Be no time.

Be pain.

Be sorrow.

Be vibration throughout the universe.

Be nothing.

Be everything.

Be something.

Be incomplete.

Be complete.

Be alone.

Be together.

Be with her.

Be with him.

Be with them.

Be for them.

Be against them.

Be full.

Be empty.

Be empty.

Be empty.


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