Your first and every project

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything

“Problems are not roadblocks, but exercise tools.”
Debasish Mridha

I am utterly lost with this.

I’m the only person who doesn’t get this.

I see this is important but I’m still green.

I ask for help with this.

I deconstruct this and strip it down to its core.

I have an opinion about this.

I understand this but I have doubts.

I have to focus on small parts of this even though I don’t fully understand the big picture yet.

I’m responsible for making something for this.

This didn’t turn out like I wanted.

I hate this.

I remember that this isn’t about me.

I try to get distance from this and find another approach.

I observe people using this.

I recognize something familiar about this from previous efforts.

I ask people their opinions about this.

I pick up valuable tidbits and capture knowledge about this.

I find out what other people have done about this in the past.

I test out my theories about this.

I contribute something valuable to this at an opportune time.

I spend regular time with this and establish a routine.

I explain this to someone newer than me.

I am comfortable with this.

I see a problem with this that only I can fix.

I look at someone else’s work on this and make improvements.

I feel like I’m protecting and guiding this.

I get into well-meaning conceptual arguments about this.

I have clarity and a breakthrough idea that can change this.

I project forward and describe the future of this.

This is a part of me and I care about making it better.

Hello, I’m Brandon.

I’m a User Experience Designer living and working in Singapore.

This is my first post on Medium and I’m excited to finally be contributing after almost a year of reading and poking around the fringes. Thank you for having me. It’s both the community of amazing writers and the high caliber of content I regularly find here that keep me coming back and it’s taken me a bit of time to figure out how I might best fit in. Although I’ve written for publications such as Co.DESIGN and NetMag and spoken at conferences such as SXSW and WebVisions, I feel a responsibility to Medium readers that makes me both eager and anxious, so this must be a good thing. Let me know how I’m doing by following and commenting, I humbly appreciate your help and understanding in advance as I become a better writer and supporter of the outstanding Medium community.

I write, discuss and photograph as @elbuenob so feel free to follow and reach out to me. I value your thoughts and will do my very best to return your gift of time with a considerable measure of my own. Find me at and say

Brandon Schmittling

Written by

Be valued and valuable.

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