Project Spotlight: The Bull Society

What is The Bull Society and how does it work?

The Bull Society is a collection of 7,777 unique hand-drawn bulls living on the BNB Chain, as well as a related collection of 3888 Lil’ Bulls.

We run our own TBS marketplace, which provides Hold-to-Earn utility for TBS collections. And through our TBS Launchpad, we also offer aspiring creators and web2 projects the opportunity to launch their own NFT/web3 projects. This provides more avenues to reward our holders.

What was the inspiration behind The Bull Society?

We want to create a community-based NFT that combined people and crypto. We wanted to be the BAYC of the BNB chain and the opportunity for anyone to join.

What unique benefits do you offer TBS holders?

By investing in The Bull Society, you are part of a supportive ecosystem with a passion for building and growing the BNB Chain NFT space. Each OG/Lil Bull is valuable. And by holding these NFTS, you’ll be able to receive royalties from marketplace sales. Hold-to-Earn is as innovative as it is simple.

Any exciting news or events in the near future?

We’ll be rolling out our v3 marketplace update soon, which will add support for major new features like holder rewards for every collection listed on the marketplace, cheaper fees for listing, the ability to delist your NFTs, and the ability to claim royalty rewards.

Make sure to also keep an eye out for the TBS Launchpad, as we’re about to launch our first incubated collection, Airheadz. Every new collection we help launch will give back a percentage of their minting funds to TBS holders.

Why did you choose BNB Chain?

Back in October 2021, there wasn’t many NFT Collections on the BNB Chain. I started out minting NFTs from early projects and saw an opening to create my own NFT project. The low gas fees & the massive opportunity to grow the space on BNB chain attracted me the most when deciding where to the launch TBS.

What can you tell us about your team?

We have a small team that spans the globe. Our founder is based in the U.S., our lead developer lives in Spain, our community manager is based in the UK, and our moderators live in Europe and Africa. So there’s always someone on the team available to engage with the community.

How can someone get involved with your project?

We have a very active Telegram community, and a newly updated Discord server. You can also find our collection on our marketplace, and several other NFT marketplaces like Binance NFT, Galler, PancakeSwap, NFTKey, and Liquid Collectibles.

Connect with The Bull Society

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord




An alliance of the top BNB Chain NFT projects working together to grow the BNB Chain NFT space that we all know and love. “A rising tide raises all ships”

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An alliance of the top BNB Chain NFT projects working together to grow the BNB Chain NFT space that we all know and love. “A rising tide raises all ships”

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